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Increase Sales and Conversions with Browser Notifications!

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With Notification Wizard, you can leverage browser notifications just like the big dogs! There’s a reason why huge corporations use them — they work! Browser notifications allow you to reach out to your site visitors even after they leave your site, and without having to collect their email!

The Simple 3-Step Process
Collect Leads!
It’s THAT Easy!

More Traffic & Sales!

1. High Opt-In

Opt-in process is significantly simpler than email. Since no personal information is required like email or phone number, hence you may get up to 10% opt-in rate.

2. Mobile App being unnecessary

Since browser push notifications work both on desktop & mobile devices hence you don’t need to have the mobile app being present.

3. Increased engagement

Web push notifications are delivered even when the subscriber is not on your website nor is checking your email. This leads to significantly higher engagement.

4. High CTR

Web push notifications lead to interrupt in the work which the user is doing. Also, the delivery is instant and higher. Their CTR is estimated to be at least 4X-8X of email.

5. Better Delivery

Emails sometimes fail to deliver or hit spam (know reason why an email lands in SPAM). There are a lot of things going behind the scenes while delivering emails, and not every email is able to hit the Inbox all the time. In Gmail rather than coming to the inbox, they may be classified under promotions. However, browser push notifications face no such issues. Prompt & assured delivery is almost guaranteed.

6. Low Unsubscription Rate
Since it is a new marketing channel and unsubscribing from web push notifications is not straightforward for not tech-savvy audience hence the unsubscription rate is significantly low.


More leads = more sales

higher CTR than Email

Higher Engagement

Get Notification Wizard NOW!

Only $67!

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